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Create a better communication during constructions with FastOuts VR solution

More efficient communication during constructions can save 40 billion SEK per year, according to research done by Svensk Byggtjänst

Below you’ll find our case video with Peab.

How can you use the IT platform?

Customize your own VR views with our icons and drawing tools and share it to clients, the project team, business owners, building contractors or entrepreneurs. You can easily mark temporary roads, where building materials should be places, where first-aids kits are available, trash compartments, placement of explosive goods and so on. We will update the images during the construction process.


  • Create 360° VR tours to highlight larger areas and let visitors navigate through exterior and interior locations.
  • Document throughout the building process and use it as basis for architects, building contractors and the project team.
  • Get access to thousands available 360° aerial views over several countries and cities or order unique views.
  • Order high-resolution images from your own 360° views.
  • Include 3D models in your 360° aerial views

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