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Q & A

More questions? Mail us at pilots@fastout.com!

What is FastOut?

FastOut’s ambition is to map the world with 360° interactive drone views and become the world’s largest IT platform that connects local professional drone pilots with customers. Through our global self-service platform, customers can easily place a drone order and get access to the database containing 360° drone views that can be instantly customized. Our unique IT platform makes it possible to build efficient and innovative services in virtual reality, digital communication and marketing. Our pilots get paid for each assignment they accept and deliver.

Is FastOut in my country?

FastOut is actively working on expanding into new countries. We want to map the world with 360° drone views together with our pilots and add a new layer between street view and satellite view. As we follow all local laws and regulations, there are restrictions on what we can do in different markets. To fly and photograph for commercial purposes often requires different requirements. Contact us to hear what applies for your country.

Can I use my own drone?

To be a FastOut pilot it is required that you use your own drone. Our FastOut Pilot app supports certain types of drones that you can read about further down on this page.

What is required to be a pilot for FastOut?

There are different requirements to fly drones depending on local regulations in your market. Many markets have different regulations depending on if you fly for commercial purposes or not. Please contact us to get an understanding of what is needed in your market. As a pilot you are responsible to follow all local regulations when working with FastOut.
As an example here is the requirements needed for flying in Sweden:
– Permit from the Transport Agency to fly in a commercial purpose. Keep in mind that various permits is needed for different weight classes. You can read more about this and how to apply for a license here:


–Distribution permit from “lantmäteriet”. This was previously authorised by The Swedish Armed Forces and f you already have a valid distribution permit it will still apply until your current license expires. Here you can read more about the conditions that are needed and how to apply for for the permit:


Do you only accept pilots who are linked to a company?

That is correct. The reason is due to the sales tax / VAT to be able to bill us. We won’t pay out any invoices under EUR 100, the sum will in those cases be accumulated until the next month that the pilot have earned more than EUR 100. We send out invoices on a monthly basis.

What do I earn as a pilot and how does payment work?

As a pilot you get 35% of the payment for each assignment. A assignment can be anything from a 360 ° view to a larger number of views including videos, all depending on what the customer needs. Before you accept an assignment you can always see if it is worth your while.

You can follow how much money you have accumulated on your FastOut account.
If you supply customers to FastOut, ie act as a retailer, you get an additional 30% of the contract value. As a pilot you get a referral code that the customers use when a new order is placed. Using this method we know that you are the retailer.

Example: The assignment is worth EUR 500. You get 175 EUR for the assignment. If you also are the one who sold the assignment to the customer in the first place you will get EUR 325 for the whole assignment.

We send out invoices on a monthly basis but invoice under EUR 100 will be sent out. When the accumulated sum is at least EUR 100 the invoice will be sent to you the upcoming month.

Can I become a FastOut pilot as a private individual?

To be able to take assignments from FastOut you have to have the permits that are required to fly commercially and be able to bill us from a company.

I have a new client to FastOut, what do I do?

You get a referral code when you register as a Pilot. The new client will use this code when they make an order or assignment in our system.

What about copyright?

By accepting FastOuts Terms of Service, users agree to assign the copyright to all views uploaded to the FastOut system. For more information see the terms of use:

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