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Fly and capture 360° panoramas

We do the stitching and color correction when using FastOuts pilot app

Upload to the cloud (also possible to upload already stitched panoramas)

Customize your panoramas with our VR editor

Publish and share your created links

Accept assignments (optional)

Free of charge

A selection of what you can create
with our product!

Real Estate

Build up an area around a property to highlight for example a school, kindergarten, public transportation or a house for sale. Link your POI´s to a web page, video, or why not an interior virtual reality tour. Let your visitors navigate from the area to the property in 360°.


Use FastOut to offer customers a unique VR concept that simulates a physical presence inside and around a property. Build up your own VR gallery around properties and reuse your views over time. Share easily with stakeholders.


Use FastOut´s platform and create Virtual Reality tours around a tourism facility to increase sales. Let a potential visitor get a visual understanding of both the area and the facility before an actual visit.


Customize VR views and share it with stakeholders. You can easily mark temporary roads, plots, where building materials should be placed, and so on. More efficient communication during a construction process can save a lot of time and money.

Whats does our pilots think about FastOut?

United States

“As a drone pilot and photographer, FastOut´s platform has enabled me to bring the VR experience to my clients in a simple and intuitive way. Using the drone to automatically take 360° VR images is amazing! It offers such a unique perspective. I definitely recommend”

Ryan Houchin, FastOut Pilot, CA


”What I find best about FastOuts VR platform is that it is ease to use, the possibility to map large areas effectively using waypoints as well as the image quality of the completed panoramas. The VR-editor and seemless integration with the FastOut VR application opens up for a lot of creative opportunities”

Johan Ljungqvist, FastOut Pilot, Finland


“I was one of the first to join FastOuts community of drone pilots and has received many assignments so far which has been great for my business. FastOut is an innovative company in a fast growing segment. They have many great customers who placed orders, and thanks to Fastout I got the opportunity to work for them. FastOuts unique platform makes it possible for us drone entusiasts to create VR experiences in a new and fun way”

Alex Jonsson, FastOut Pilot, Sweden


“The drone assignments I’ve done through FastOut has been great for our Spanish Real Estate business. Because of FastOuts platform we’ve been able to distinguish ourselves from our competitors in a more professional and innovative way”,

Sebastian Zuniga Diaz, FastOut Pilot, Spain

Whats included?

We offer solutions to businesses of all sizes. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you want a quote for an enterprise solution.

Access to the FastOut pilot app

Upload drone content to our plattform

You do the flying we do the stitching

Customize your panoramas with point of interests that can be linked to websites, videos, VR tours and more

Download aerial still images from your 360° panoramas

Connect several panoramas and create an aerial VR tour

Cloud hosting

Access to FastOuts VR app to create VR photos and VR tours from the ground

Link VR content created with the app FastOut VR to your 360° droneviews

All your published content is accessible through links

Accept assignments (optional)

Share your content easily in social media including a great integration on Facebook

Integrate easily on websites using the embedded code

Subscription plans



Number of active links:






Number of credits per month:






Number of credits per month:






Number of credits per month:


Looking for somthing bigger? Go with the enterprise plan




Number of credits per month:



Dont wait around,
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Dont wait around,
download the app now!


Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Mail us at pilots@fastout.com!

What is FastOut?

FastOut’s mission is to unleash the power of drone services and VR to make it available and useful. We simply want to put your drones to work and at the same time make it easier for you to be creative and make more money on your own drone business.

How does it work?

FastOut pilot app brings the best out of your DJI drone by turning it into a 360° Virtual Reality producing machine. With FastOuts pilot app you can tell your DJI drone where to go, at what height and then we capture the required high resolution panoramas automatically. Once you are done you simply upload the images to FastOut´s cloud where we do the stitching and make your content available for you in our platform. You can also upload already stitched panoramas.

We also give you access to our state of the art VR editor, making it possible to customize your uploaded panoramas with point of interests. For example it can be to highlight a property, school or why not link the POI to a nice restaurant or a VR tour. You can also let construction workers see where to place building materials or use our drawing functionality. Your own creativity sets the limits.

Once you are done and click on publish you get a link to your 360° customized view that can be easily shared or embedded on a website.

FastOut is a tool that helps you create amazing stuff with your drone. You keep 100% of the revenues when you create VR solutions to your own customers.

The customized panoramas are stored in our cloud and can be experienced with mobiles, tablets, VR glasses and desktop.

I have downloaded the app FastOut pilot but where do I find your instruction manual?

A PDF instruction manual can be found here: Pilot app manual

Do you prefer to watch a video tutorial click here: Pilot app video tutorial

What’s the difference between your subscription models?

The freemium account is completely free and we have limited the number of 360° views that you can publish. You may upload as much as you want to our platform but you can only have 1 active published link. However, you can always change the published link you want to be active.

Both freemium and paying subscribers can both accept assignments (optional) and make money if a customers uses views that you have uploaded. This is however only possible if you hold a commercial drone permit where this is needed and have made your views available for others to see.

This basically means that you can make money on your panoramas several times to different customers over time without doing any extra work. Remember, you can always sell your own content to your own customers and keep 100% of the revenue.

As a paying subscriber you are able to publish several links per month. The number of links you can publish per month depends on the subscription model.

A published link can look like this: https://fastout.com/p/ZFN3S4U

What happens if I downgrade my account to freemium?

If you decide to downgrade your account to freemium after you uploaded, created and published several panoramas as a small, medium or large user your content will not be deleted. However your published links will be unpublished since you as a freemium user are limited to only have one published link. In your dashboard you will always see your uploaded and created content and can from there decide what panoramas you want to have published.

Is FastOut in my country?

FastOut is actively working on expanding into new countries. We want to map the world with 360° drone views together with our pilots and add a new layer between street view and satellite view. The pilot application is possible to download in all markets however as a pilot you are responsible for following all local rules and regulations as well as our General Terms.
Since FastOut follow all local laws and regulations there are restrictions on what we can do in different markets. We cannot accept and give out assignments or sell drone views in all markets. Contact us at pilots@fastout.com if you want to know what we can do in your country.

Can I use my own drone and what models do you support?

To be a FastOut pilot it is required that you use your own drone. The FastOut Pilot app supports DJI phantom 4 Advanced, DJI phantom 4 pro, DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Mavic Pro Platinum, DJI Inspire 2 and DJI spark so far. Please send us an email to pilots@fastout.com if you have a suggestion on other drones to be supported.

What is required to be a FastOut pilot?


There are different requirements to fly drones depending on local laws and regulations. Many markets have different regulations depending on if you fly for commercial purposes or not. As a pilot you are responsible to follow all local regulations when using FastOut app and platform.

As an example here is the requirements needed for flying in the US:


Remember that regulations for flying changes over time so always keep track of the latest updates on FAA´s homepage that you can find here:


Since we are a Swedish company we also provide below the requirements to fly and distribute drone footage in Sweden (in Swedish):

Needed permit and regulation from the Transport Agency: https://www.transportstyrelsen.se/dronare

Distribution permit from Lantmäteriet:



Who can accept assignments from FastOut?

Only pilots with the right permissions that is also allowed to fly commercially can accept assignments from FastOut and also earn money on views used by FastOuts customers. A prerequisite is that the pilot can invoice FastOut.

Can I earn money through FastOut and how does the payment work?

There are three ways to make money through FastOuts platform:

  1. Sell your own work: FastOut is a tool to make your business stronger. Your imagination sets the limit of how the platform can be used and you decide what you can charge your own customers. You keep 100% of the revenues.
  2. Accept assignments: From time to time and in certain markets you might be asked to accept an assignment from FastOut. This is completely optional and the nature of each assignments differs. It can be anything from a 360° panorama to helping us mapp up a city. You always see in advance how much you will earn before accepting any assignments.
  3. Make money on your uploaded content: As a drone pilot you can decide to make your views public or not if you hold the right types of permits. If they are public and a customer uses a view that you have uploaded, you earn money.

Remember that in order to earn money many markets demand that you have a commercial drone permit. If you only fly for fun in markets where you need a commercial drone permit your material will not be exposed to others and you won’t be able to accept assignments. Also you need to be able to invoice FastOut for us to make a payment to you. You are only entitled to compensation when you meet all the requirements for compensation under our General Terms.

You can follow how much money you have accumulated on your FastOut account.

Once you have accumulated at least SEK 1 000 (approx USD 120 or EUR 100) you can click on a payment button at your pilot account. We will then make the payment within 30 days if we have all relevant information from you.

What about copyright and other terms?

Click here to see our terms of service

Contact us for more information!

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